Twist & Shout

twist and shout….

the case. 34 year old female presents to ED with a 2 day history of worsening left-sided pleuritic chest pain associated with shortness of breath. There has been no associated cough, fever or sputum production. She is one week post-Caesarian section; an uncomplicated, elective procedure from which she has recovered well.


Mind the gap #2…

the case. a 43 year old male presents to your ED with a three day history of severe epigastric pain and recurrent vomiting. He has now become increasingly breathless and is complaining of severe retrosternal chest pain.

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a splitting headache…

the case. 39 year old female presents to your Emergency Department with a four day history of a gradually worsening headache. Whilst she has a past history of migraines, this headache is much more severe and of different character to any migraine she has had previously.


a covert combination…

the case. 72 year old male presents to your Emergency Department with a 4-5 hour history of palpitations. He appears well and has no associated symptoms.


against better judgement…

the case. a 62 year old female is bought into your ED following a high-speed MVA. She has driven her car into telegraph pole at ~ 80km/hr.